Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van Rental

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van Rental: Organizing transportation for more than seven people can be challenging. However, arranging a Sprinter van rental streamlines the entire process. The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van is a luxurious vehicle with a spacious interior that accommodates up to 12 adults and their luggage. Its flexibility and superior design make it a popular choice for discerning travelers. When you rent a Sprinter van, you can enjoy the journey as much as the destination, knowing that your passengers are both safe and comfortable. The Sprinter’s precise engineering and distinctive style turn heads wherever you go. It strikes a perfect balance between trendy design and excellent functionality. The large seats inside the Sprinter van ensure easy access for passengers. Additionally, the low back loading height makes loading and unloading luggage convenient.

Luxury Sprinter Van Rental (12 Passenger): After driving a Mercedes Sprinter van, many drivers are impressed by its exceptionally smooth handling. Some even compare driving a Sprinter van to operating a sporty car rather than a typical rental van. Despite its sleek appearance, the Sprinter is a powerful load-carrying machine. It features a 7-speed automatic transmission, making it user-friendly for drivers who may not be accustomed to handling cargo vans. When you book a luxury van rental like the Sprinter, your entire group can travel together in one vehicle, enhancing the overall experience.
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10 passenger van rental in Vancouver

An unforgettable road trip through the stunning landscapes of British Columbia? Look no further than Maxx Car Rental! As one of the best independent Van rental providers, Maxx Car Rental offers a wide range of high-quality vehicles at affordable rates. Whether you’re cruising through vibrant cities or venturing into the wilderness, Maxx Car Rental has you covered.

Victoria: Where History Meets Coastal Charm
Victoria, the capital city of British Columbia, is a picturesque gem located on Vancouver Island. Explore the historic architecture, visit the Royal BC Museum, and stroll along the Inner Harbour. Don’t miss the chance to drive the scenic route along Dallas Road and soak in the ocean views.

Vancouver: Urban Sophistication and Natural Beauty
Vancouver, the largest city in British Columbia, is a vibrant metropolis surrounded by mountains, beaches, and lush forests. Cruise through Stanley Park, explore Granville Island, and take in the skyline from the Lions Gate Bridge. Vancouver seamlessly blends urban sophistication with outdoor adventure.

Kelowna: Gateway to the Okanagan Valley
Kelowna, nestled in the heart of the Okanagan Valley, is a paradise for wine enthusiasts and outdoor lovers. Drive along the scenic Lakeshore Road, visit local wineries, and take a dip in Okanagan Lake. The city’s vibrant arts scene and stunning landscapes make it a must-visit destination.

Kamloops: Sagebrush City and River Confluence
Kamloops, where the North and South Thompson Rivers meet, offers a blend of natural beauty and urban amenities. Explore Riverside Park, hike Kenna Cartwright Park, and discover the city’s rich Indigenous heritage. Kamloops is a gateway to adventure in the Thompson-Nicola region.

Whistler, Abbotsford, Surrey, Richmond, and Coquitlam: Bonus Destinations
While not covered in detail, these cities are worth mentioning. Whistler is a world-renowned ski resort and outdoor playground. Abbotsford boasts lush farmland and the stunning Abbotsford Circle Farm Tour. Surrey offers multicultural experiences and beautiful parks. Richmond is known for its Asian cuisine and the historic Steveston Village. Coquitlam is surrounded by forests and offers hiking trails and lakes.

Maxx Car Rental: Your Key to Exploring British Columbia

Whether you’re chasing waterfalls, sipping wine, or admiring city skylines, Maxx Car Rental ensures a reliable and hassle-free experience. Choose from 8, 10, or 12-seater passenger vans and embark on an unforgettable journey. Call Maxx Car Rental at 236 260 5200 or visit our website and hit the road!

10 passenger van rental in Toronto

Are you ready for an unforgettable adventure across Ontario? Buckle up and join us as we explore the vibrant cities and scenic landscapes with Maxx Car Rental. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, our fleet of quality vehicles will be your trusty steed on this road trip of a lifetime.

Maxx Car Rental: Your Travel Companion
Maxx Car Rental is more than just a car rental company; it’s your ticket to freedom. Here’s why you should choose us:

Wide Range of Vehicles: From compact cars to spacious vans, we’ve got you covered. Need a 12-passenger van for a family reunion? We’ve got it!
Affordable Rates: We believe in giving you more value for your money. With Maxx, you pay less and get more.
Quality Assurance: Our well-maintained vehicles ensure a smooth and comfortable ride. Safety and reliability are our top priorities.
Toronto: The Heartbeat of Ontario

Toronto, Canada’s largest city, pulses with energy and diversity. Explore iconic landmarks like the CN Tower, stroll along the waterfront, and indulge in multicultural cuisine. Don’t miss the Royal Ontario Museum and the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Markham: Where Heritage Meets Innovation
Markham, a suburban gem, boasts a rich history and a thriving tech scene. Visit the Markham Museum Village, where time stands still, and discover the vibrant downtown core. Explore the Rouge River trails and embrace nature.

Ajax: A Waterfront Haven

Ajax, nestled on Lake Ontario’s shores, offers a blend of natural beauty and urban amenities. Explore the waterfront trails, visit the Ajax Downs racetrack, and enjoy lakeside picnics. It’s a town that invites you to unwind and connect with nature.

Pickering: Where History and Progress Coexist

Pickering, with its historic roots, is a gateway to adventure. Discover the Pickering Museum Village, where heritage buildings come alive. Explore the waterfront parks, dine at local eateries, and experience the warmth of this community.

Barrie, Hamilton, Waterloo, Kitchener, and Guelph: Beyond the Horizon
These cities await your exploration. From Barrie’s lakeside charm to Hamilton’s waterfalls, Waterloo’s tech hub, Kitchener’s arts scene, and Guelph’s historic architecture, each has its unique allure.

Your Maxx Adventure Awaits

So, pack your bags, grab your Maxx rental, and hit the open road. Ontario’s wonders await—whether you’re chasing waterfalls, savoring local delicacies, or simply enjoying the journey.

Maxx Car Rental: Where every mile is a memory waiting to be made.

For bookings and inquiries, call us at 647-943-1564 or visit our website: Maxx Car Rental.

8, 10 or 12 passenger van rentals in Calgary

Are you ready for an unforgettable adventure in the heart of the Canadian Rockies? Maxx Car Rental provide you with a variety of vehicles such as 8, 10 or 12 passenger van rentals., Maxx Car Rental offers a wide range of high-quality vehicles at affordable rates.

Calgary: Where Urban Meets Nature

Calgary, the largest city in Alberta, is a vibrant metropolis nestled against the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains. Here, you can explore the bustling downtown, visit the iconic Calgary Tower, and indulge in diverse culinary experiences. Don’t miss the chance to drive through the picturesque Bow River Valley and witness the stunning landscapes that surround the city.

Edmonton: A Capital of Culture and Nature

Edmonton, the capital city of Alberta, sits along the North Saskatchewan River. Immerse yourself in the arts and culture scene, visit the Royal Alberta Museum, and explore the historic Old Strathcona district. For nature lovers, Elk Island National Park and the nearby Elk Island Dark Sky Preserve offer breathtaking stargazing opportunities.

Lethbridge: Where History and Scenic Beauty Collide

Lethbridge, situated on the Oldman River, boasts a rich history and stunning natural landscapes. Explore heritage buildings, such as the Galt Museum, and take in the panoramic views from the High Level Bridge. Don’t forget to visit Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden, a serene oasis in the heart of the city.

Banff: A Mountain Paradise

Banff, Canada’s first national park, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Nestled in the Rockies, Banff offers unparalleled beauty. Drive along the Trans-Canada Highway, breathe in the fresh mountain air, and soak in the rejuvenating Banff Upper Hot Springs. Explore the charming town, visit Lake Louise, and witness wildlife in their natural habitat.

Jasper: Where Adventure Awaits

Jasper, a gateway to Jasper National Park, is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Drive the Icefields Parkway, marvel at the Athabasca Glacier, and spot elk and bears. Don’t miss the chance to stargaze at the Jasper Dark Sky Preserve, one of the world’s largest accessible dark sky preserves.

Lake Louise: A Jewel in the Rockies

Lake Louise, known for its turquoise waters, is a postcard-perfect destination. Drive the Bow Valley Parkway, hike to the Lake Agnes Tea House, and capture the iconic view of Lake Louise with Victoria Glacier in the background. It’s a photographer’s dream come true.

Red Deer: Where Urban Amenities Meet Natural Beauty

Red Deer, located between Calgary and Edmonton, offers a mix of urban amenities and outdoor recreation. Explore the vibrant downtown, visit the Red Deer Museum + Art Gallery, and enjoy the serene Bower Ponds. The nearby Sylvan Lake is perfect for water activities and relaxation.

“Maxx Car Rental: Your Gateway to Alberta Adventures!”

Whether you’re cruising through the city streets or venturing into the wilderness, Maxx Car Rental ensures a reliable and hassle-free experience. Choose from 8, 10, or 12-seater passenger vans and explore the beauty of Alberta at your own pace. Call Maxx Car Rental at 403-407-2400 and embark on an unforgettable journey!


How to select a 12 passenger van rental?

Is it accurate to say that you are arranging a family outing or cookout in the mid-year excursions? In the event that truly, the principal thing to think upon is the vehicle of movement you'll utilize. In the event that the place you need to visit is at a decent separation or a sloping zone, settle on leasing a vehicle.