Mercedes Sprinter Bus Hire


Versatile, strong, safe and comfortable vans with high-tech diesel engines that are powerful, clean and fuel efficient. The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter has been the market leader in Canada in the full-size van class for many years in a row and now is becoming more and more popular in Canada specially in the cities like Toronto, Markham, Mississauga etc. The Sprinter has since its launch 1995 become an important part in the success of the many small businesses and transport companies such as ours i.e. Maxx Car rental.

A new era of Van and Cargo van designs encapsulating motion (speed), yet proper design, a design that combines form and function perfectly - the new Sprinter heralds a new era by its looks. The emotionally and dynamically-designed Sprinter picks up the design language of Mercedes-Benz brand and combines it with the material properties of a transporter. Stylish headlights and air intakes are designed. The dynamic side-footed shaped tail lamps and rear collected at the bottom are also typical features of the Mercedes-Benz. The 2007 model Sprinter now offering various wheelbases, lengths, heights, weights, structure and resulting engine and transmission versions. The Sprinter comes in different wheelbase 127 and 170 inches, the shorter van is 243 and the long one is 289 inches long, you have the choice between the standard roof or the high roof. The inside load volume from the small van is 247 cubic feet (short/low) and the long high one 600 cubic foot. What is also nice is the total maximum load length (for pipes or long wood). And the super wide rear doors that open all the way to the sides of the van.

A milestone in clean diesel technologies is already on Canadian roads in the new Sprinter vans today. Dodge now offers four HP output ratings all base on the OM 646 CDI turbo-diesel engine with four cylinders and 2.148 cc, a 88 hp up to 150 hp. Enormous torque at low engine rpm is one of the advantages that comes in par with its high efficiency. Coming to the US soon is the high output engine OM 642, a V6-cylinder with 3.0 liters, 184 hp and maximum torque of 400 Nm. The V6 with an aluminum crankcase, a balancer shaft and two overhead camshafts per cylinder bank for greater engine performance and longevity. All-emission diesel engines are Euro 4 or 4/III EU equipped with a particulate filter by far exceeding todays US and very strict California Diesel Emission levels. We actually have had Sprinters pass CA-Diesel-Smog Checks with over 350 000 miles.
Quality, Craftsmanship and Origin:
Daimler has invested 550 million euros in the expansion in Duesseldorf, where Sprinter vans are built. A total of 300 million euros has been invested in the expansion of the work Ludwigsfelde, where pick up and chassis are being produced. There, alongside a new body shop, a new painting facility is being created. The staff is covered largely by corporate employees. In both plants great workmanship and long-term quality is a common goal. Many elements of frame and body are welded by laser or computer-glued. The proportion of galvanized Sprinter body parts has increased significantly compared with the previous model. Careful sealing of the seams in vulnerable areas and an under-body coating to ensure long life and value retention. In the Ludwigsfelde plant a new method for corrosion protection is in use: It listed RoDip procedures, even upsetting rotation, rotate the body in the shell of each pre cataphoretic including dip coating (KTL) completely around the lateral axis. This guarantees a flawless coating of all sheet metal parts and cavities. So if you wonder what that has to do with your Sprinter? Well, it makes it last longer and look better. Keeping the need of Sprinter Parts for repairs to a minimum. So you might just need oil and a filter for the occasional oil-change.
Innovative chassis, offering active safety features like ADAPTIVE ESP ® a vehicle stability system helping to keep your vehicle on the road on windy roads and heavy braking. All 2007 and newer models have the electronic stability program ESP, the latest generation as standard, the ADAPTIVE ESP ®. A newer and smarter version of the old system, it now has a mass and balance determination, so it understands where you have loaded your Sprinter vans cargo for emergency stopping. It also amazingly prevents unwanted rolling backwards during hill starts when letting of the brake to press the accelerator. Passive safety (which is protecting during a possible accident) of the Sprinter is much higher than any other 10 passenger or the Ford 15 passenger vans with each seat has a three-point seatbelts and adjustable head restraints and belt force limiters. The driver's front airbag is standard, optional are front passenger front airbag and thorax bags. A high level of passive safety is one of the fundamental values of the Mercedes-Benz the Sprinter once in an accident become your out shell to reduce possible injuries to bring you home safely.

Happy Driving to you all.

Key Features of Our Mercedes Sprinter:
Seating Capacity: Accommodate up to 14 passengers comfortably, in addition to the driver. Each passenger enjoys their own headrest for maximum comfort.
Ample Space: The Sprinter has plenty of room for luggage, making it ideal for both short trips and longer journeys.
High Ceiling and Large Windows: Enjoy a sense of openness with the high ceiling and large windows that allow natural light to flood the interior.
Audio System: Stay entertained during your ride with a good-quality audio system.
Air Conditioning and Heating: Whether it’s a hot summer day or a chilly winter morning, the Sprinter keeps you comfortable with its air-conditioning and heating features.
Tinted Windows: Privacy and protection from the sun are ensured with tinted windows.